EXTRA CREDIT for Mr. Ellsworth’s courses

EXTRA CREDIT for Ellsworth’s courses

You can always do extra credit!
 All other assignments must be completed, and then I will add extra credits points for things you have done. Extra credit is *not* alternative credit… it is EXTRA credit…. meaning you only get it if everything else is completed.

“What can I do?”

Experience something related to what we are studying or have studied. Experience means watch a movie, read a magazine article, explore a website, go to a museum… experience something.

“How do I get the extra credit?”

Share about your experience in two parts:
(1) share about the experience itself, summarize it, describe it AND
 (2) share about what specific things from class or the textbook that the experience related to, what vocabulary / bold terms were a part of the experience.

SOURCE your experience
Be sure to also include the source of your experience. If you read an article online, provide the link to the article. If you watched a movie, be sure to give the name of the movie. If you went to a museum, tell the name of it and where it is. Whatever is it that you experience, document the source. PROVIDE THE SOURCE as part of the sharing.

“How do I share?”

Share however you want, but you need to produce something to submit to me. You could write… email me a message, hand write something, type something. You could make a poster. You could make a video. You could make a web page.

Basically, experience, source, and share.

This is intended to be very flexible so that you can do something enjoyable and related to social studies.